Newby Teas of London

We all love a pot of tea, especially when the teas are of the luxury variety.

Newby Teas was founded in the year 2000 and has grown to become an international company with over 200 lines of Tea. You will find Newby teas in the very best restaurants, hotels, heritage venues and stores. For those not aware of the tea revolution, you can purchase online through a family of e-boutiques. I suggest you try one of the selection boxes to get a true sense of the flavors on offer.

Having recently been a Newby Tea convert I can say they offer some of the finest teas available. I first experienced Newby Teas as part of the London fashion Week Festival LUXE lounge of which they where an official supplier. I have been drinking several varieties over the past few weeks and enjoyed the eclectic mix of tastes on offer. I tried two black teas and two tisanes in silken pyramids. These include, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Rooibos Orange and my favorite Jasmine Princess.

Be sure to check them out  here

Rashpal Amrit