Cornerstone Shaving Gift Box

Subscription service Cornerstone has created the ultimate shaving giftset to suit your shaving needs this holiday season. The razor subscription service caters for all your needs fuss free, you even receive at personalised razor with your initials.

Cornerstone takes the fuss out of shaving offering a simple easy to understand product selection with perfectly balanced products. The main product, the razor is strong and robust but still lightweight and easily slides on the skin with its multiple blades. I also love the edition of a razor cover, great for travelling and a nice addition to the set.

The face scrub essentially gives you smoother skin by releasing ingrown hairs and it also reduced shaving spots. The shave gel helps you get that fuss free irritation shave and definitely a key product in cornerstones collection as it actively works with the razor. The post shave balm which is used after your shave helps restore the natural balance in your skin. I normally don’t use a shave balm, I am now a convert. I love how easy Cornerstones routine can be implemented, one of the easiest to understand.

The set includes:
Five replacement razor blades
Face scrub
Shaving gel
Post-shave balm
Razor cover

Order your shaving box/subscription now with 10 pounds off your first order, just in time for Christmas.



Rashpal Amrit